Restaurants During a Global Pandemic: Coping through Innovation

Restaurants During a Global Pandemic

A reality faced by restaurant owners everyday is figuring out how to run their restaurants during a global pandemic. Various establishments are closing up and some barely making profit despite resuming operations. The government is working to provide everything they can to help establishments operate in these new and uncertain situations.

Restaurants During a Global Pandemic

Some may be taking the hit pretty hard but there are restaurant owners who have found ways to operate and even improve through innovation. Aside from mask-geared servers and providing your details before entering the establishment, there are a few various tech-y ways that helped restaurants provide even better service to their guests.

QR-code Menus and Digital ordering Platforms

Menus are one of the staples when it comes to a restaurant dining experience and on normal days, they get reused a lot. This is a high risk for transmitting any kind of illness – all the more reason to pay attention during a pandemic. Although disposable menus are a good option, they are too costly and wasteful.

Restaurant owners have actually created digital menus that any guest can easily access with a single scan through their mobile phones. This allows for contactless order-taking and allows digital queuing once you’ve sent over your choices digitally. Plus, restaurant owners can easily alter menu specials and holiday dishes with a click of a button.

As published in, an Ottawa-area restaurant group marketing director Sofia Santiso says, “In the past, let’s say for Canada Day, I would have to take all my menus off the floor and print specific menus just for that one weekend. Now, that can happen easily and without a cost.”

Keeping it Tech-y and Al Fresco

As restaurants start going into operations, maintaining social distancing may be difficult to maintain indoors which is why some restaurateurs have moved seating outside. Distillery Restaurants Corp. launched an innovative system with Sociavore.

This app basically leads guests to the al fresco dining area where they can access the menu and place orders for multiple restaurants through their phones. They can also pay and tip through the online platform, making it a pandemic-safe dining experience.

As published in, VP of the Distillery Restaurants Corp. Rik Ocvrik says, “It’s worked so well, and there’s been such a positive reaction to it… I think this is part of the new normal.”

Everyone is easing into the new normal and restaurant owners are at the forefront of adapting to these uncertain times. Technology is the key to adapting and also helping the operations of restaurants during a global pandemic.

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