Outcast and Sobey’s Partners to Cut Food Waste

Outcast Foods and Sobeys Inc. have joined forces to lessen food waste in its distribution center in Debert, Nova Scotia. Select stores in the same area are also involved in this partnership.

These efforts are fueled by the desire to lessen food waste as landfills are filled with discarded unsellable fruits and vegetables. Through technology, these food products are processed and packaged unto Plant Strong Protein products. With extended shelf lives, these repackaged products are then sold at Sobey’s retail locations.

This effort can help lessen food waste and the repackaging process is done in a way that doesn’t involve non-biodegradable packaging – making this green and sustainable.

Outcast Foods CEO Dr. Darren Burke says, “This is the first step in changing the way grocers and food brokers deal with surplus produce…The days of sending edible food to the landfill are coming to an end thanks to our upcycling process that uses multiple innovations from machine learning to a novel, high-efficiency drying invention.”

Sobeys Inc.’s Chief of Staff and Sustainability Vice President Vittoria Varalli states, “The innovation the food industry is testing to address both food security and environmental sustainability is very exciting. We will learn a lot through this program and our partnership with Outcast and look forward to bringing innovative industry-wide solutions forward that will create a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Food wastage is a problem ingrained in society as 2.2 million tonnes of edible food is wasted every year in Canada alone. This issue on food waste exists amidst food insecure households that still are finding difficulty to access regular meals in the country today.

As the issues on food waste become even more visible to manufacturers and industry leaders all over the world, this initiative by two reputable corporations is a big step in the right direction.

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