Best Chef

Cooking is something that most of people are doing it or try to do it. Some do it as a profession, some do it for fun, and some do it because they have to do it. People are going to cooking, because some food is raw that people cannot eat it, because it is not tasty. I do cooking because I am very interesting in cooking, also I will learn and know cooking every food. We have many kind of food, some of them are good for health and some of them are not good for health. Now I will show you some foods and how you cook it. We have many kind of food they are good for our health. Most of salads are good for health one of them is potato salad. Potato salad is also easy for cooking and is good for our health. This is recipe of potato salad, we boil same potato, also we boil chicken chest but before we boil the chicken chest, we cut it like square. After the potato boil we cut it like square, then when the potato and the chicken chest boil we put them together in a big dish and let them there. Then we put some olive oil on fire when it has a high temperature we put some onion, and paprika in the oil after 2 minute we put potato and chicken. Finally, it is ready for eating. This is one of the salads, which is
Modern food is those food which know people like it to much in most of the restaurants you can have it. Penne, pasta and pizza are those foods. I like penne too much, also it is very easy for cooking and do not need too much time. This is the recipe of penne: first, we boil the penne, then we cut chicken chest like Small Square and we pan-fry it. After that we put some cooking cream you can find it in the supermarkets we let it boil, then we put some mushroom soup in the boiling cooking cream, after it boil we put the penne and the chicken chest together in the pan of cooking cream let few minute on fire then you can present. If you want, you can put some chees on your dish. Also pizza is one of the food which most of people like